What we offer

Social media marketing services

  • strategy development

  • channel management

  • advertising

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writing services

  • SEO-optimised web content

  • social media content

  • blogs

  • marketing emails

  • news and PR articles

  • newsletters

  • tenders, proposals, grants

  • letter transcripts (handwritten to computer)

  • German to English translations (non NAATI)

  • biographies

What our clients say…

Kristina Review for KULU services

Simply the Best
Asking Kristina to guide me through the whole process of setting up a blog site and managing it was the best decision I could have made. As an unsure, nervous first time blogger and after several disastrous attempts to set up a website myself, the feeling of instant trust and confidence in her professionalism and skills, as soon as I approached her, left me feeling relieved and sure that I had found the right person to help me.
Kristina is absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is friendly, sensible, knowledgeable, dependable and above all patient with a blogger novice and has gone out of her way to explain everything clearly and simply to me, so I have not felt overwhelmed by the whole process. In addition Kristina took the trouble to find out what I wanted to say – why I wanted to set up a web site and what I hoped to achieve. She was then able to help me find my voice, in the best possible way - for me. I wasn’t just another client, another job – she truly cares and her ethics and work practises are impeccable.
As I was not in Victoria whilst the web site was being set up, I had to rely on Skype and phone calls throughout. I needed someone I trusted to look out for me with web designers, photography copyright issues, to give sound advice on the web content and so many more details, large and small. Kristina was amazing - she sent me links to websites as examples and to further inform me, found the best web designers and even negotiated costs on my behalf. Now the site is up and running, Kristina continues to support me by teaching me how to look after the website myself, even though that could mean loss of a customer for her. I also receive regular prompts to get another blog post written and she has even suggested topics to get me moving – despite being in a completely different profession to mine.
The web site and blog I now have is professional, every detail has been carefully considered, edited and shaped by Kristina and her amazing skills and it is so very very good. I could not be happier. I will remain under Kristina’s Kulu Communications umbrella - even when I don’t need to – it is the gift that keeps on giving. I would never go anywhere else.
Thank you so very much Kristina! I cannot recommend you highly enough.

— Jane Ahern
Logo design by Kristina Haese, KULU

Logo design by Kristina Haese, KULU

Kristina has helped us rethink the way we do communications. Now, we have integrated digital marketing campaigns that drive international buyers to and through our improved website with tangible, measurable results, and improved
user experience.
— Ray Smith, Managing Director, AppliCad
“Kristina is a god-send! I am grateful to have connected with Kristina who translated many of our old family letters. She is professional, discreet and reliable as well as generous, kind and thoughtful. She takes the time and trouble to ensure that the message of the writer is conveyed with the exact tone and nuance. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful!”
— Renate B., Sydney