Travel through time and space – with stories



On a very cold, rainy, late spring afternoon, I see and hear rain pummelling my office window.

I feel grateful, because I have a window, and I can see the sky.

For the past two hours, a client request to transcribe and translate an old German letter had teleported me into the basement of a bombed out house in 1943 war-torn Germany, and while reading the hastily written lines that told a harrowing story of another night spent in fear, a claustrophobic feeling had entered me and left me rather shaken.

Space and time travel – it's here

I often hear the terms space travel and time travel, and it involves sophisticated machines or space ships to make it all happen – but to me, both were here all along. All it needs is words and stories and a medium to transmit.

The stories we create and tell today will shape future generations' perception of us, so we better make this a good one.

Our passion – to build bridges that last

Here at KULU, we are passionate about using our skills in storytelling through words and visuals to the best possible cause. We want to bring humans closer to each other, and we aim to overcome barriers of time and space in doing so.

We cannot change the world over night, but we can work towards it – one story at a time.

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About chickens and letters

About chickens and letters

Let us tell you a little story about letters.


I spent more time reading to my grandson. He was three years old and full of questions.

"Granna, why do the chickens run? Have you got chickens?", he would ask. "No love, but I used to have chickens back before I lived in Australia, a long, long time ago.", I answered. He probed on: "Who gives the chickens food now??? You are here!"