KULU’s Founder – Kristina Haese

KULU’s Founder – Kristina Haese

About me…


I am Kristina Haese, founder and owner of KULU Communications. I started KULU in 2017 to find a new balance, integrating work, life, and my creative talents. KULU is based in Melbourne, Australia, but my scope is global.

My professional love belongs to the transformative power of kindness in people. Through stories, words, colours, and imagery we can change hearts, minds, and behaviours. I also apply this when I wear my ‘other hat’, as senior consultant for Change Factory, where my projects take me through different industries, countries, and transformation projects. People skills and communications are a pivotal lever in change, and I hone these in every document I write, every presentation I design, and every training session I design and deliver.

KULU is my creative arena, where I apply myself to achieve my clients’ communication goals. My current clients come from education, IT, consulting, and real estate industries.

I am not very good at talking about myself, but you can see my photography, and things that inspire me personally on my visual blog on instagram. @kristinahaese.

I look forward to meeting you.